Brief history

Babymum was established in 2011 after many years of planning by a small yet dedicated team. This group had a vision for a caring community to come alongside young mothers to equip and support them during this exciting yet daunting time. The core vision was to celebrate the miracle of new life and encourage young mums in a practical way, recognising both the love and commitment young mums are capable of as well as the everyday challenges that face any new mum. Since then Babymum has reached hundreds of young mums, celebrating pregnancies, births, firsts and more. Our Babymum team feels so privileged to become part of the lives of these precious mums and babies.

Since our official launch on Mothers Day 2011, Babymum has connected with these pregnant young women, their children, partners, families and friends, from providing accommodation and intensive support to mentoring over coffee. We have transported them and their babies, cast their bellies, babies’ hands and feet, taken thousands of photos, attended appointments, scans and births, baby showers and parties, visited at hospital and at home, made thousands of phone calls and sent countless text messages and run a drop in and education program.

Community | Connection & Support:

A welcoming and supportive environment for expectant and parenting teenagers and their babies, encouraging the growth of safe, stable, nurturing families where both parent and child has the opportunity to reach their full potential

Education | Study Support, Mentoring and Life Coaching:

A supportive space to enable young mothers to continue their formal education, and a rich learning space for the children of young mothers to grow and learn in our Babymum Playaway program whilst their mothers are engaged in formal learning, enabling mothers and their children to stay connected.

Enterprise | Developing a sustainable social enterprise:

Through the sale of pre loved quality baby goods, Babymum aims to fund a portion of our programs.

Our Vision

“Our vision at Babymum Australia is to be a vibrant, creative community for teenage mums and their babies to belong, find support, celebrate the present and be equipped for the future.”