Belly Casting

Babymum offers a free belly cast to young mums under 20. Belly casts are fun to do and create a lifelong memory of this special time. By appointment and in conjunction with decorating classes run on Tuesdays at the Cottage.


We also offer free decorating sessions for young mums. After the cast has dried, it’s ready for the final touches. There are many choices available to decorate your cast, from a simple coat of paint or wrapped in fabric, to more intricate designs using stencils, custom vinyl stickers and free hand illustrations. We’ll give you tips and ideas and guide you through the process.


We also offer a full belly casting service to anyone in the greater Launceston area as well as DIY kits available for postage. Contact us for full price listings.  This social enterprise helps Babymum to continue to offer free belly casts to young mums.