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Babymum Stories

Saved from the snare of addiction

Life began badly for Anna.

“I was awakened to things no child should when I was between the ages of five and eight, so that played a huge part in being promiscuous from a really early age,” she shares.

Anna was sexually abused by her stepfather. “That changed the course of my life because I was always seeking guys’ approval.”

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Babymum Stories

From sleeping rough to cradling a newborn

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The night of Rachel’s 16th birthday was the first she had slept rough on a park bench in Launceston.

It was winter. None of her family called. Her boyfriend said she was a “Slut!” and pushed her out the door. Sweet 16, it was not.  To continue reading, click on the image.

Babymum Stories

I was pregnant at 16 – and my life didn’t “go down the drain”

“I was scared to tell people I was pregnant.”

Lucy sits comfortably beside Evie who is asleep, nestled against her hip. The blonde-haired toddler will be two in June. Lucy contentedly strokes her daughter’s hair and begins to share candidly about how she came to be a mother at the age of 16.  To continue reading, click on the image.

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Play is important work for children

Last year we did a series of sessions on how babies learn through play. Click on the link to find out more.